J. Medical Management is a full-service billing office that has the ability to customize services to fit any medical practice's needs.

JMM offers:

  • Full Patient Accounting
  • Patient Billing
  • Entering Patient Data
  • Entering Claims
  • Submission of Claims (both electronic & paper)
  • Entering Payments & Adjustments
  • Calling Insurance Companies
  • Intensive Follow-up on Unpaid/ Rejected Claims
  • Claims Submission to Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Insurance Companies

Benefits of Outsourcing with JMM:
You can SAVE MONEY by outsourcing!
  • No billing office supplies to buy
  • No vacation, holiday, or sick pay when outsourcing
  • No costly software or upgrades
  • No need to pay office staff to attend expensive seminars or continuing education classes in the billing industry
  • Improved efficiency:
    When the billing task is removed from your office, you are free to spend more time, energy, and workspace providing care to your patients, instead of worrying about your billing and insurance payments.